Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 2014 Citrus Lane Review

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies, toddler and preschoolers (even makes a great shower gift!)

This month's box is for a 25 month old.  As usual, both the boys and I were extremely excited to see our Citrus Lane box had arrived safely and was on our back deck when we arrived home today!

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream - this month's box included a full size hand cream! Love love love full size items.  This can be purchased for $12.  It has a great scent - not overpowering, and will be a nice addition to toss in the diaper bag for my dry February hands

Silicone Divided Plate from Oogaa  - I have twin 2 year old - what more do I need to say, lol.   A silicone plate is very safe, i.e. can be tossed to the floor or across the room by my boys with no breakage ;-)  The cost of the plate is $10.99.  It is dishwasher and microwave safe

Build-A-Sanwhich from Green Toys - I cannot compliment Green Toys enough.  In a nutshell we love their products - from bath toys to airplanes to buckets and shovels...we have it all.  This was a great addition to our collection and the boys "kitchen play".  $16.99

Starlight Sailor from Barefoot Books  - this is our third or forth book from Barefoot Books.  I have been very pleased with the quality of the books and the boys are always very engaged with the story.  $14.99

Monthly subscription cost: $25
Total received in this box: $54.97!  

What did you receive in your box this month?  

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Birchbox Review - February 2014

So we all know I love monthly subscription boxes! I decided to splurge this month and try Birchbox.  My Valentines Day treat to me!!!

The February 2014 box teamed up with US Weekly - this box was all about being ready for the red carpet!

I was beyond excited to try a few new beauty products.  

Included in my box:

COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face - already used this and love it.  Very light and smooth - no odor, didn't feel oily after application 

Harvey Prince Hello (perfume) - I will have to say I am normally a no perfume gal.  However, this is a light, citrus scented perfume and it is wonderful! Wore it yesterday and today and it will be a new regular!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara - so far so good, this is a thinner mascara so I felt like I applied more for thicker lashes but overall I liked it

DDF Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew

Agave Healing Oil Treatment 

The prices shown on the card are for full sizes - the box only contains smaller sample sizes.

Overall for $10 I feel like I got a great assortment of products that I would typically not try/purchase.  Thanks Birchbox!

What did you get in your February Birchbox?


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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Erin Condren 2014 Life Planner Review

You are probably thinking "um hello its 2014, why do you need a planner".  I have to admit I thought the same thing but only for  brief second.  I live in the world of multiple calendars; work, school, home, the hubby's work schedule, and the list goes on.  I like to have some to jot notes down, refer to holidays, look at birthdays/anniversaries.  I still like paper - pen combo.  I had ordered an Erin Condren planner in 2012 right after the boys were born after a recommendation by a friend.  I was very excited to find a good coupon and order again in 2014.

This planner is amazing and has room for anything you can think of.  This was a Christmas gift to myself.

The Life Planner from Erin Condren (classic) costs $50.00.  You are able to add a photo (which I did) to the cover or back for $5 each.  You can also personalize custom photo stickers for $5.  There are other add on items such as colored pens and a pen holder.  Shipping cost $7.95 and will arrive via FedEx.

If you would like to save on your planner use the referral link below - you will receive a $10 off code in your email.

First use this referral link to sign up on Erin Condren. You simply put in your name, email address, and create a password.

Love the cute, colorful box it arrived in!

I'm all about the packaging!

You are able to customize both the cover and back with a photo that you upload.  

That planner offers both a monthly view and weekly/daily view.

One of my absolute favorite parts! The stickers!! Birthdays, doctors appointments, games, etc!

So tell me, are you a planner kind of person?  If so have you found one that you absolutely love? Can't live without it?

Here's to an organized 2014!

Friday, January 17, 2014

January Citrus Lane Review

One of my favorite subscription boxes arrived today, Citrus Lane!  Shipping took right at one week this time, much better than December!  Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  This was a box geared toward a 24 month old.
The Cost: $29 a month (or $24 a month with 3 month plan, $21 a month with 6 month plan)

This months box:

First Shape Sorter from Plan Toys - ($10.00) I really liked this and the boys loved it!  It is sturdy and has a cord that attachers all the shapes (which means me won't loose them!). This is a great grab and go - throw in the diaper bag or take in the car.
Lunchie from Skip Hop - ($14.00) This is actually our second lunchbox from Skip Hop/Citrus Lane (we received it in an earlier box).  This time we got the Zebra and received the Elephant before.  This is a great insulated lunch box to take snacks for outings.
Fruit Pouch from Peter Rabbit Organics - ($1.44) The boys will still occasionally eat from a pouch pack.  This is a great go to when we are out or they are having a "picky" eating day.
Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief from Mommy's Bliss - ($9.99)  Single dose packets for occasionally nausea and upset tommy relief.  I have used Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water in the past - so I will keep this in the cabinet in case we need it.
So overall the value of this box was $35.43 and I was very pleased with its content.  I look forward to our next box.
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Ships to: US and APO, DPO addresses.
What did you get in your box this month?  What age?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Citrus Lane Review - 23 Month Old

So I have been toying with the idea to cancel or keep my Citrus Lane....even after December I'm still not 100% decided either way.  I have contemplated Kiwi Crate (another monthly subscription, but more arts/crafts focused).  Stay tuned next month and hopefully I will have a decision!

On to December.  Citrus Lane recently changed their shipping method.  Boxes are now being shipped FedEx Smart Post.  The pro to this - the mailman will not longer try to shove, and I mean SHOVE, my box into the mailbox....con - it took FOREVER to get my box.  I was hoping to have it early enough to use as a stocking stuffer for the boys, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

This months box had no "real" theme.  It was about "making memories".

Sorry I only got one real photo - it was a crazy - 2 year old party day in our house!

This month's box included:

Handprint Art Kit from Pearhead ($9.95): Super excited about this!  The boys and I have done a smaller version and it's on my desk at work.  This will for sure be a rainy day activity or an activity I leave for daddy while I am at work :-)
Rainbow Stacker from Melissa & Doug ($7.99):  First we love M&D!  Second we love to sort and love to identify our colors.  Downside - this is a VERY wooden toy - the boys are at the stage of not sharing and at times hitting has followed.  This will for sure be a supervised toy!

I Took the Moon for a Walk from Barefoot Books  ($7.99): We fell in love with Barefoot books awhile back.  Bear on a Bike is an all time favorite here.  Mommy and daddy both have it memorized!  This book is very colorful and the boys both jumped in my lap to have me read it to them!

Snuggly Lotion from Episencial ($5.08): Episencial has been a favorite brand since the beginning of my Citrus Lane adventure.  Happy to try this!

Total for box: $31.01 
Overall, I wasn't terribly impressed.  The "WOW" factor wasn't there.  Maybe I was aggravated with shipping, or maybe it really was missing something?
What did you get in your box?  What age?  

Monday, November 25, 2013

November Citrus Lane Review

I have continued to be a Citrus Lane subscriber since the boys were two months old (going on 20 months of boxes now!)

I LOVE Citrus Lane.  I have been exposed to so many products that I would have never imagined trying.

November's box arrived last week - I had already decided to use most of the items as stocking stuffers for the boys (knowing that I would have to order a few "extra's" so we had two of each....some twins share - mine don't!)

First up: 
Stock Pot & Utensil Set from Green Toys   ($16.99) We have tons of Green Toys!  We especially love their bath toys.  So, I was super excited for a few "kitchen toys".  The boys, yes the boys, have their own play kitchen which they adore!  They will be just like their daddy cooking up a storm!

Zoo Plate from Skip Hop  ($6) The boys love to eat off of divided plates so this was perfect!   This will be one of our stocking stuffers and I have already ordered a second.  It is very sturdy and is dishwasher safe!  

Reusable Snack Bags from Bumkins  ($6.95)  Another stocking stuffer!  I plan to put a few treats in each for the boys in their stocking.  We are firm believers of reusable snack bags - I have not tried this brand in the past but look forward to using it!

Lip Comfort from Pur-lisse ($16.00)  First and foremost let me just say OMG!  LOVE THIS STUFF!! Only down fall  is the cost - not sure I will be spending $16 on my lips....but we shall see!

Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Organics   ($1)  This was another brand that I had no exposure to in the past.  I opened these up the day our box arrived and the boys ate them right up!  I tasted one and I will say they had a great flavor!   Extra plus - #glutenfree

Four Sets of Address Labels and Free Shipping from Tiny Prints I have used Tiny Prints in the past for our holiday cards and for baby shower invitations - they are a little on the pricey side but I do like their quality.

Overall this box was worth $46.94!  Awesome deal considering I paid $25 for the box.  

Citrus Lane makes a great gift from family!  Grandparents your grandchildren would love this!!

You can click here to order.  Use code "TAKEHALF" to save 50% off your first order.  They are also running a special on a 6 month subscription for $105! Normally $150

Did you receive your November box?  If so what did you have in yours?

This past year our growing season was awful, actually it was nonexistent.  In March we prayerfully decided to put our house on the market.  We knew that we had outgrown our little space and we both have dreams of land and water!  Long story short we found our dream home - however we were out bid (it was a foreclosure) and our home did not sell.......

In the midst of all of that we decided it was not in our best interest to plant our normal garden - this was a HARD decision.  We have had a 30 x 60 garden for the last 7 years that we have been together with everything from tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, squash, asparagus, cucumbers, beans, every pepper imaginable, to watermelon and name it we had.  I HATE buying veggies at our local Food Lion - you never know where they are from and the quality just isn't the same as local/home grown.

Ok so enough of my rant....and to the meat of this post.  In October I stumbled across relay foods.  Relay foods "Relay is the online grocery store where you'll find stuff you need from the best local store, restaurants, and farms right in your own neighborhood.  We've partnered with folks you already know to provide all your grocery shopping needs - from basics, to speciality foods, to local produce, name it!".  I decided to give it a try!  They were advertising a $1 special on their local bounty share.  I simply went to their website - selected to local bounty share - entered my code and selected my pickup location.  There were SOOOO many options for pickup.  All very convenient.  I selected one that was close to work so I could just grab it on my way home (saving fuel and helping the environment!).

Local Bounty Share

Pie Pumpkin from Harvest Time Farm
Weyers Cave, VA

Apples and Asian Pears from Saunders Brothers Orchard
Piney River, VA

Salad Greens from Baywater Greens
Salisbury, MD

Assorted Potatoes from Heartland Harvest
Mount Solon, VA

Sweet Potatoes from Kirby Farms
Mechanicsville, VA

Apple Cider from Showalter's Orchard
Timberville, VA

Winter Squash and Braising Greens from Local Food Hub
Ivy, VA

***I loved knowing exactly where my food came from!!

Comparison picture - left RelayFoods bounty share Pie Pumpkin from Harvest Time Farm, right Pie Pumpkin from local Food Lion (all pretty and shiny - sprayed with who knows what and grown who knows where!)

I enjoyed my veggies so much that I decided to try their Artisan Cuts 5-day dinner pack - mine included sausage, chicken breasts, thighs, flank steak and pork chops.  There is NO comparison to the taste.  It is fresh and hearty.  So far I have cooked the pork chops (ranch chops in the crock pot), chicken things (spicy things with garlic rice) and the chicken breasts (chicken teriyaki).  

Why I love relay foods:
1. fresh 
2. local
3. exposure to new foods/veggies/meats
3. you never know what you exactly get (with the bounty share)
4. couldn't beat it for $1.02! (used code "1010")

I used code "1010" for my first box of veggies and below is a referral code if you would like to try relay foods yourself!  Enjoy and leave a message if you have already tried or once you do!